Saturday, January 14, 2012

Granny says relief from grief can be found in the fields of gold

Dieter called me the other day, and there was such a sadness in his life. His wife is leavin’ him a little at a time with something he says is Huntington’s Disease And Granny reminded him that he will see his wife again, just as other folks will see their lost ones, in their dreams or that forever place, those shining fields of gold.

You see when folks get old, well some of them complain. But complainin’ isn’t what they need to do. The tears they cry, they need them, and then they can offer them up to the Man Upstairs, or that place within their hearts, where love is born and where our souls can live forever as our memories still offer joy from those shining Fields of Gold, like they are in Cloutierville.

We change, for sure, as we grow old. Our bodies, they can fail. And so can the talents we once had, those measures of our lives we treasured in our youth. But from our miracles, some bits and pieces of those treasures can appear, especially when we need them most, in times like this as they sometimes do for me and all of you.


  1. For you many gifts should come. I did indeed think of blessed folks like you, and I thank you for taking the time to write.