Saturday, January 21, 2012

Granny explains how miracles come like ribbons

Ben called this morning all excited.    “Granny, I don’t know what happened.  It was some kind of miracle, me with no money and all for the holidays, and then suddenly something came in the mail; and now I’m okay. “  But Granny she knows what happened, cause these are things we can’t explain  in ways with words alone.

The feller has been working hard to find a job.  He was out at the plant down the road, but there were no jobs there at all.  Ben told me many weeks ago how he worried whether he could carry on.  The future looked so bleak. 

“I talked to the Man Upstairs, just like you said I ought to do,” Ben said,  “And nothing happened for so long that I was losing faith.  Then came the letter telling me I got the job in Natchitoches, and little Beverly will have the dress I promised her.  And I can visit you in Cloutierville on Sunday, just like I promised, cause now I can get the old car fixed and make it to your house.”

 I listened, smiled, and said, “Life can be like the tale told about those scarlet ribbons. A child was sick, and her daddy wanted to bring her pretty ribbons. He done looked and looked and couldnl't find them. He went to the stores everywhere, then came home and found his baby prayin'. In the morning when he went to look at his baby, there on her bed were those scarlet ribbons.

 The things we can’t explain, we just have faith and one day something happens, those miracles of life that teach us there are things we cannot see, we do not understand, that come like scarlet ribbons in answers to our prayers.  When we are like children believing in ourselves and having faith, those ribbons are the miracles that come in many ways just when we need them most.

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