Saturday, December 24, 2011

Poke Salad Granny's night before Christmas in Cloutierville

It was the night before Christmas, and in Granny's shack
Not a sound could be heard 'cept Elmer snorin' in back
The family had nailed up their socks on my wall
With so many goodies, I hoped they won't fall.

The children were all tucked straight away in their beds,
While I finished the knitting of caps for their heads.
And I wrapped up the yarn never makin' a peep
While waitin' for Elmer to just go to sleep.

Then out in the backyard I hears such a noise
And jumped from my chair, to find neighborhood boys
Were in a big hurry to get home that night,
No drinkin' or foolin' around or a fight.

The moon it shone bright, and it lit up the sky.
Well, it was so pretty, I almost could cry.
When suddenly there came down the road a surprise.
It brought bunches of tears comin' down from these sleepy old eyes.

I could see an old bus comin' up my driveway
Bringin' my babies from everywhere for Christmas day.
They climbed on the porch, and they laughed and they sang,
And woe is me, all of the good things they brang.

And then, from a ruckus we heard from the barn
Came our Cloutierville Santa, just like that old yarn.
He was dressed in some blue jeans all tight round his rear
And his red shirt was drippin' with mustard and beer.

A bundle of toys he had put in a sack
That old Nick bringin' Christmas for all in his pack.
He didn't say nothin', but went straight to his work
And lay out the goodies, then turned with a jerk

And burpin' a bit, he smiled, and he said,
"I gotta get goin'.   Now you get to bed."
He got in his car, to the folks gave a smile
'Cause we wouldn't be seein old Nick for awhile.

But we heard him exclaim, when he drove out of sight,
"Happy Christmas to all.  Now have a good night."

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