Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Granny's advice on breastfeeding while shopping

Molly dropped by my house this morning all upset cause she was at a store shopping, then sat down to nurse her baby, and the folks that worked there started making fun and saying things that made Molly feel bad.  So I has to speak up to help folks understand about feeding babies and all.

So I tells her, “First thing people got to remember is baby needs that milk.  It helps give them a good start in life.    And those breasts the Man Upstairs done gave you and me, well they’re for feeding babies.  So no one should act foolish when a mother is just doing what comes naturally for that.”

“But babies also need a nice warm place to cuddle close and quiet so they sleep.  I kept my babies in my house for feeding and did my shopping after that.  Besides when there is a bunch of folks shopping,  well there is more germs too; and little babies they get sick,  so I never took them out like that, especially in the winter.

Babies, they come first, you see, not shopping.”

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