Thursday, December 29, 2011

Granny warns folks not to throw rocks

“Get down from there!  Didn’t  Granny teach you any better? You up there throwing rocks and all.  And just because you’re a girl, Michele,  doesn’t mean you ain’t gonna get your scoldings like Newt and Ronnie and the other boys.  Don’t think I won’t grab Barry by the nap of the neck if he gets out of line too, lik some of his friends been doing."

Them boys, and that girl Michele.  I taught them better manners.  And they promised this old Granny here in Cloutierville, they’d behave and not say bad things about each other even Ronnie who promised and promised he was different.  Then I says to Mitt, “No, I don’t care who started it first.  Nobody’s gonna listen to you if you keep changing your mind and don't get at what's really bothering people and instead just sit there with a rock in your hand.”'

And parties?  Those political ones?  Granny sure don't understand.  These folks all come from Cloutierville where we don't have all this stuff.  Kids would put up signs in the hall, or wear a little button around sayin' "vote for me," and that was sure enough.  But these folks in Washington, none of those parties look like they'd be fun.  So Granny just won't choose, since callin' names and throwin' rocks just ain't what running things ought to be about.

Wish my babies would have stayed out of politics, like I told them, or kept their promises like the Good Book says and not say bad things just to get even.   That’s why they all got coal in their stockingss at Christmas and Newt, he says, “Look what Granny gave us.  We oughta burn the stuff and save on energy this year.” Shows he doesn’t learn from his mistakes any better than what he says other folks do.”

Granny's gonna get Leroy to cut off those tree branches and take them all to the woodshed so those young'uns won't be climbing in this yard again. 

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