Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Millie asks Granny: Are animals in heaven?

Little Millie is four years old, that precious child that Granny loves so much, and she's cryin' cause that dog died yesterday.  Her little face is all pinched up, and then she asks, "Will I see my dog in heaven?"

Now grandbabies they just want answers, not a lot of fol-de-rol and fancy words.  Millie looks at me so sad, and Granny remembers years ago a little dog that died and how she thought about that dog for many, many years.  Even now the memories are as fresh as they once were, watching Millie's face and seeing tears wash through her eyes.  But I got to tell her simple so she understands enough.

"All of us are put here on this earth to love as long as we live, and we probably take all that love when any of us die.  We take our memories as well, cause that's a part of love.  Now some folks say that animals they just like people too.  Other folks they say they just don't know, but that's okay cause some things we won't ever understand.  But wherever there is love, well that's where animals will go.  They teach us about life..  They give us love so very much, and when they leave us our love goes with them too.  So in that kind of heaven, that's where there's everything we love."

"Oh, granny, I sure miss my dog, Bernie.  I guess I always will.  But when I go to heaven I'll take love with me there too and that way I'll see Bernie after all."

She's out the door and on that swing way back in my backyard in Cloutierville, her little legs just flyin' through the air.    And I hear the song that someone wrote about that love for dogs and hope that Millie she might know it doesn't matter what is heaven when we lose a pet, cause that just gets confusin'.  It's just important to remember how that pet can teach us all to love and will be there in some kind of heaven after all.."

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