Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Michele tells Granny her version of the eighth commandment

“Oh, Granny,  I’m so excited!  I won!  I won!” Michele was on the phone  soundin’ so happy, but Molly who taught her in grade school is wonderin’ after all these years why that girl has so much trouble remembering her grammar and her history lessons that she learned in Cloutierville.

“Michele, you know I love you.  But I wonder bout you too.  You see us folks, well we take pride in what we learn, and  Molly is upset.  She says, “I don’t know why Michele still don’t know those words and says “submit” just means “respect.” 

“You know, Granny, I keep tryin’ to remember all those things.”  Michele explained.  “ But you see there’s so much to think about that I’m tryin’ to forget, so sometimes I just get confused and say just what comes up.  You see these days that’s all some folks can do when they can’t answer fast, so I smile pretty and tell what I think.   You gotta keep up and get with it, Granny.  You see, times they have changed; and if you want to win the prize, you say what you need to say to do it. “
So I says to her, “Honey, remember the eighth commandment and what that means.”

Michele, she waits a minute and clears her throat a little, cause I guess she was getting hoarse from all that chatter and says, “Yes, that’s the one that says we have the right to bear arms.”

Poor child, I wants my babies to get things right so I told her, “No, honey, it says not to bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

“Oh, yeh, I know.  Sure that’s why I tell everybody what I think so I don’t have to carry anything I hear about someone and so I just dump it everywhere.  But thanks for listening Granny, I always feel like you know what I mean and don’t need me to explain any more.  Now I got to get back on my bus before Rick gets ahead of me.

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