Monday, August 8, 2011

Hell in a handbasket

"You know Granny, I been worried lots lately, so I called to ask your advice.  Tom lost his job, the kids need school supplies, and I keep thinkin' how am I gonna keep up with the bills and stuff.  It looks like we're going to hell in a handbasket, don't you think?"

Now Brenda she's all grown and knows the ways we brought her up.  She just needs some new remindin' cause there's lots that she can do.  But feelin' like you can't do something is worse than anything.  It's giving up that gets you in the end.

So I tells her, "Brenda, when you get up each day, say thanks for what you have.  Look at those babies that you got and how that makes you rich.  Look outside your window and look at all them folks in Cloutierville who care about you too.  And know you can do something every day to make each day worthwhile.

The world it keeps on spinnin' no matter what we do.  Wars and floods and awful things keep happenin' all the time.  If my folks they had given up, well we wouldn't be here today, so they learned to do with what they had and learned to make things last.

Now dry those tears; I heard you cry. Remember this, my girl.  That handbasket is filled with folks like you, but they ain't goin' to hell.  No, no, they is goin' to make things right.  They need the same remindin' that I'm giving you today.

I hear that tv goin' on.  Now shut it d own.  Right now.  They's always talkin' bout the bad, when there is good as well.  Plant a seed outside today and watch it grow into something good.  Then plant more seeds each day.  One day you wake up smilin' when there's plenty good out there.  Do one good thing each day, and the good comes back to you."

"Oh, granny, "Brenda's laughin' now.  "You always give me hope.  I need someone to listen when I'm feelin' bad, you know."

We said goodbye and afterward I walked outside and thought of years ago when I was young and things sometimes looked bleak.  Then I looked out in my garden, saw the trees so tall and proud,  their branches filled with fruit, the flowers blooming everywhere, the tomatoes peekin' through the leaves while ripin' on the vine.  I remembered then how every day I shed a tear I planted seeds as well,  just like Brenda will, I know, and get through hard times just like Granny and like everyone she loves.

For we have our secret garden where good things always bloom, in a small child's laugh, the breeze that sings through grasses tall,  the love that we can share.  There ain't no handbasket in this world that's goin' to hell with us.

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