Thursday, August 11, 2011

Granny’s idea to solve immigration problem

The road through Cloutierville

“Granny, I caught some of those Natchitoches people sneakin’ into my backyard again.  We got enough of them folks, don’t you think?  They don’t even speak Creole and a bunch of them aren’t even Catholic, so I think we better make some rules like Arizona did with Mexico.”

Mary Lou was all in a stew about this, when she told me what those people been doin’  “Those Natchitoches folks don’t have any manners.  They throw trash on the street and drive their big cars here when we got some party goin’ on.  Some of them hang around afterward like we owe them something, and we got our own folks that needs. We don’t need to share what we got with those sneaks and liars and thieves.”

But I told Mary Lou getting mad doesn’t work, and there are much better things we can do.  I said, “I think we should just annex Natchitoches and make this whole place Cloutierville..  That way we wouldn’t be quarrelin’ so much, and people could share like they should.  Some could live on the river in the country and some could be big city types. 

And Natchitoches people could farm in our fields and some of us could work in their shops.  All of us would be Cloutierville family and could just come and go as we like.  The police could pick up the bad ones and the good folks could live like they want. 

If Arizona can annex Mexico they could learn to be friends just like us.

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