Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pass the budget or watch your backsides, Granny declares

"Well, where are you going with those bags by the door?"  Elmer knew, but he was thinkin' he ought to get ready himself cause there's no stoppin' me from goin'.  "These varmits are causing a peck of trouble in Washington, and I am goin' to make those whipper snappers do what they supposed to do right quick." I told him.
The Woodshed is big enough for Congress
You see, this old lady, she remembers.  When you gets that certain age, you got a peck of business in your noggin, and I been thinkin' bout this for a time.  I thought those cousins (cause they are you know) might make up and get goin' with their business.  But oh no, they done forgot their manners, so I'm fixin' to get on the plane tomorrow and make sure they do it right.  There's a woodshed out back for the lot of them, and Elmer said there are enough trees in the yard to make all the paddles he needs.

God love them; some of them, they just don't know.  But I remember when old people went to the poor house if their folks couldn't take them in.  I remember some people who moved away from Cloutierville when times were hard in the Depression and Franklin Roosevelt was President, lookin' for jobs when there weren't none.  Old people stayed behind, like they always do; and we fed each other from the gardens.  Other towns didn't have those things, where the weather was bad, and the cold set in.  Then them old people they done suffered.  If that's the way they is goin', they goin' to the woodshed, those varmits for sure.

Then those babies and their schoolin'.  That readin' and writin' business is for everybody, and folks need even more, so I'm gonna make sure that nothin' happens to my grandbabies down the way.

Now any of you who want to get goin' and help get those folks to pass the budget, pack your bags and start movin' cause if those folks in Washington ain't listenin', we're takin' some paddles to some behinds. Elmer said he's takin' enough for some of you who are comin' cause there are enough behinds in Congress, we're gonna need the rest of you to help.  We got a world of trouble right now, and we don't need them addin' to it anymore.

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