Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cheatin' on taxes, Granny says, is like a little murder

"What you doin', Granny?" My grandchild Sue is only seven years old and always asking questions.  "Payin' taxes," I told her.  "But you don't have much money, so how come you're payin'?"  "Somebody has to," I told her.  "There's no such thing as a little murder."
Even the tooth fairy pays taxes - wikimedia commons
Sue looked at me funny, but then she started to laugh.  "You're always sayin' that, Granny.  I remember, but what do you mean about taxes?"

"Well we got ten big rules we got to follow," I explained to that sweet child.  "Lyin' and cheatin' is somethin' the man upstairs says we can't do.  Even folks who don't believe He's watchin' have to follow those special rules.  Many of them do, cause they know what's right cause there's that little voice inside us all that reminds us when we're doin' wrong.  You can't pray on Sunday or any day and talk bout doin' good, then cheat someplace else.

Granny don't have much money,"  Sue knows that's true, but Granny doesn't want her grandchild  to grow up thinkin' people should find some way not to pay those taxes.  "I'm payin' somethin' because the little bit I pay can help and, cause when other people don't, it means we all get hurt some way.  So even when we don't owe much we still have babies to go to school, old folks needin' attention and roads we have to drive on that's needin' fixed right now, even here in Cloutierville."

"A little murder?  Not payin' taxes is that bad?  My Daddy says that rich folks don't have to pay much at all these days, so how come you pay yours?"  Sue wrinkled up her nose, but she is little and one day she might learn, like some of us folks, that someone's always lookin' on your heart and those ten rules don't say which rule to follow first.  So I says to Sue, "There's one more rule that matters a lot when tax time comes along.  Love is that other rule that means remembering people who are hurtin' and the things all of us need.  When people lie about taxes, they can lie bout most anything; and somewhere folks get hurt when lies pile up like that.  And people can even die when there is no one else who cares and no money to pay for what they need."

Remember when you lost your tooth and woke up that mornin' with that 50 cents on your dresser?  Well, even the tooth fairy has to pay taxes, cause there was a nickel left on the kitchen table to help with payin' the bills so everyone in this house can eat.  That's what Granny means by taxes and why everyone should help."

"Here's my pencil, Granny." Sue said, as she toddled off to bed.  "I want to help you do what's right, and this is all I have."

I prayed last night my other grandbabies old and young, rich and poor, might be as wise as Sue.

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