Sunday, April 24, 2011

Life, Death, Granny's Mission and the Lessons of Easter

"I'm worried about Granny having to travel everywhere, "Lisa told Elmer.  And Elmer said to her, "Even if Granny dies one day, behind the veil, you see, her voice, her message and her love will remain with us.  Those who have learned and listened, well they will carry on, for life is always somewhere good when we have love inside.
Cane River on the way to Cloutierville where people know life and death and love that is eternal

And Granny, she says to Lisa, "A love that is universal is something we all share.  We have people in our lives who come and go, like that proverbial wind that blows us here and there, we move.  So this Granny is always part of this world, that symbol in your lives of one of those who loves you all the time and whose simple ways this old woman wants her babies never to forget.

The stories, they will be here, for as long as one can write and share and love, on Easter, on every day, we remember a man called Jesus who gave his love and life for everyone of us.  Granny's sharing and love for everyone has always been to give that message most of all, a message for the day and for eternity.  That message is that life is like that river, like the waters of our birth, that brings us up and then takes us somewhere behind that veil.  Yet who we are, our essence still remains in memories that never pass away so long as we always take the path of love.  So we worry not about growing old, or your Granny not being one place or another, or dying one day and leaving you alone, because those who love like Granny tries to do leave a footprint so the rest of you can follow in these shoes.

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