Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Granny gets tough about trash

"You pick that trash up right now and put it where it's supposed to be," and he looked at me and said, "Hey you ain't my Mama, so what's it to you" and that child he soon learned bein' brave don't mean talkin' tough.
Trash pick up - wikimedia commons
They stood outside that little store while Elmer was gettin' gas.  They was eatin' sandwiches and drinkin' from big tall cups with soda pop.  When Elmer and me came out of the store, the sandwich papers and cups were on the ground, and the boys was standin' laughin' and that's when Granny knew these fellers needed a set to cause they sure done forgot, if they ever learned, what's right and wrong these days.

"No, I ain't your mama, but your mama she knows me.  I'm your Granny like I am to those folks in that store right there,  and every one else around here.  I guess you need remindin'.  You see your Granny here loves you and wants you to live in a world that's clean and good and especially nice for you.  We're all here to help each other and that means keepin' things clean for the next people who come around.  I'm gettin' too old to get around and pick up all that trash.  God forgive me, I just can't do it all.  And I been feelin' poorly too, but then I won't throw my trash on the ground like that when the can is just over there.  So you pick up that garbage and get yourself goin' cause you boys, you ain't doin" right.

Well I thought those boys would get mad right there,  and one of them said, "She's a stupid old lady.  Don't pay no attention.  Let's get out of here.  We got things to do anyway."  But the other boy spoke up.  God bless that child.  He did.

"Maybe she's my Granny, and maybe she isn't; but nobody talks to me like that, so there's something different I think.  If she ain't my Granny, she sure got nerve, that old lady; and that means somethin' too.  You see you and me we talk real tough, and there are two of us.  But that old lady standin' there, she's just got that old man.  So she might be the tough one, and I ain't hangin' round to find out."  His friend just sniffed, but they picked up the trash and put it in the can right then and I see them walkin' away.

And Elmer, well he knows me; but he was tired that day and says, "Now you could have got us into some trouble there openin' your mouth like you do.  I ain't sayin' you shouldn't, but you havin' been sick and all, well I was gettin' worried there just a minute.  But I figured you knew what you were doin' since you always do, Lord knows."

I smiled.  My Elmer, he knows too, that when you don't speak up with those babies maybe no one will.  They get older, and they don't learn.  The trash gets bigger too, no matter what kind of trash it might be.    Inside this heart Granny learned waitin' for someone else to do the right thing  means the right thing don't get done in Cloutierville or anywhere else so I'm just not gonna wait and let any kind of trash pile up.

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