Friday, April 1, 2011

Granny gets sick and all hell breaks loose

"If you're feeling better, you gotta get out of that bed and help out here," Elmer told me.  Granny's been sick for weeks now, cause that's what happens to us old ones now and again.  All hell's been breakin' loose, and I gotta say somethin' bout it.

Earthquake Aftermath in Misawa and Hachinohe, 2011- Wikimedia Commons

Bless those babies.  Time's is hard in Japan.  I called them when I got out of bed, first thing, cause they been brave all right.  Earthquakes, floods and big trouble with nuclear stuff has made for sufferin' for sure.  Granny's been thinkin' and hopin' that everyone helps out since Japan people keep things to theirselves lots of times and so folks think they're doin' okay even when they're hurtin and all.

I hear Khadafi been gettin' into trouble again.  He done forgot his lessons I taught him and that whuppin' he got from Elmer just wasn't enough.  So I hear a whole bunch of people are lookin' for that feller to put him in that woodshed out back cause that's what happens when boys don't behave like they should. 

Bad stuff happenss to good people too, like old Granny said, and like happened to Japanese folks.  It's what you do when it happens tells what a body is like. 

Now this old Granny still needs her rest for a bit, but I got eyes in the back of my head and not so sick anymore.  I need you folks to be nice to each other and all of you helpin' out, cause the folks in Cloutierville can't do it all.  

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