Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Myrtle picked up for smoking pot

Myrtle called yesterday.  She said, "Granny, they are allowing us one phone call, so Bud said to call you.  I was smoking pot when we got picked up in Tennessee "
marijuana - wikimedia commons
"Pot?" I said.  "What's that?"

"Well, some folks call it weed and some call it bong, but the police here wrote down marijuana."Myrtle said.

"That's what they talk about on television, ain't it?  How did you get that?" I asked Myrtle because mercy me that could be serious.

"I got it in California when I went to visit my kids, and the doctor gave me a prescription for my glaucoma.  He said it should help me, so I took it to this store and got some.  Bud said that should be okay, we got that paper so we shouldn't have any trouble."

Then we get to Tennessee, and this policeman he pulls us over cause our license plates expired.  I was smoking this little weed, and the policeman said, "Give me some of that stuff."  So I thought he had glaucoma too and gave it to him straight away.

 "Now lady, what are you doing with this shit?" that policeman said.   And Bud got mad when that fellow swore like that and he said, "Don't say that weed is shit because it makes my Myrtle real upset for you to swear like that.  So don't you talk like that, you youngster, or I'll whup you here and now."

"So now we're at the police station, and they're talkin' to Bud right now.  They said I had to pay some fine for havin' that little weed, but Elmer he got busted when he talked back to that police officer, and I heard overheard that policeman tell someone here, "That is real good shit, she had.  Wanna try some, Chief."

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