Thursday, February 10, 2011

Granny tells Mubarak: You are not their daddy

"Hosni?  Shame on you.  I said shame on you.   I should have got there with my fryin' pan long ago, but Elmer's been sick a spell, so it's hard to get away.  But I had my eyes on you, and your shenanigans, they causin' trouble..  Now, let me give you that in Arabic little Mr. Mubarak so you get this message good."
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سني؟ عار عليك. قلت عار عليك. وأرجو أن يكون هناك حصلت مع عموم fryin بلادي 'منذ فترة طويلة ، ولكن إلمر لقد موجة المرضى ، لذلك فمن الصعب الحصول على بعيدا. ولكن كان لي عيني عليك ، والخدع الخاص بك ، فإنها causin 'مشكلة'. والآن ، اسمحوا لي أن أقدم لكم أن في اللغة العربية حتى تحصل على رسالتي حقيقية جيدة. '

"Did you get that?  I said get out of there.  Now don't tell me you can't hear or understand cause you're a whole lot younger than Granny, I dare say.  Now I gotta pass this around a bit, so the rest of my family understands too and don't help you just stay and make trouble so that's why I'm now speaking English.

You keep refusin'' to do what's right.  You sure need a switch on your behind, thinkin' you'll get away with that sure-fire nonsense over there in Cairo. Like I told you the other day, you ain't these babies father.  No, and you never were.   Know why?  Cause I knows all of them and their grannies too.  That's cause I take care of them when their grannies can't or if they die or go away somewhere.  I sort of fills in for lots and lots of folks, so I get all the birth announcements too.  And I know you ain't those babies' daddy, even though you talk like you are, which is darn nonsense, I think.

You fellers keep foolin' around, when there's lots of things those babies need.  You hear them cryin' down there?  I can hear all the way to Cloutierville, so it's for darn sure you can.

Now don't think if you turn of that television or the Internet, I won't know what you're doin.'  No sirree bob, I got eyes in the back of my head, and from down here on the swamps you might open up a box and get a really big surprise.  You know those things the Pharoahs used to kill theirselves?  Well, we got that all ready to go.

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