Thursday, February 3, 2011

Granny ready to go to Egypt with her hot frying pan to help 76-year-old woman

"That's it.  They ain't takin' us old girls down, no sirree.  Mary Thornbee says if anyone busts in her apartment she will bonk them with her rollin' pin.  Well, I got a hot fryin' pan to help, and I'm on my way, if they'll get me to the airport in time."I said to the consulate.
They better hide out in a pyramid like this to avoid Granny's hot fryin' pan - wikimedia commons

Now I can't say that gal has balls, cause she don't, and neither do I.  But ovaries, maybe, unless she lost them like me.  Oh, well that don't count since it's just a sayin' fellers made up to feel superior in times like these.

I just can't get through to Anderson Cooper.  He gets all teary himself, so I think he likely needs help too.  After all, folks can see Granny writes.  And I'll bring all the cupcakes I can load up, and Mary and I can pass them out along the way.

The thing is, I got this idea.  There's some pretty strong weed, my grandson said he'd put in, that would get them all to lie down and just play and sing instead of shooting each other in Egypt.

I said to him, "Weed?  That don't make sense."  He told me, "Granny, trust me.  That's what will work.  Besides with you and that tough old lady can take down those boys, if not with the rollin' pin and fryin' pan, with the scoldin' you give around here---well look out!  Those fellers tryin' to make trouble on those horses and all, and hurtin' those people who just want to vote like people in Cloutierville, don't know who they'd be tanglin' with if my Granny got them by the collars."

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