Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Granny calms Derrick's fears about the violent weather

Derrick was watching those news shows.  "Aren't you scared, Granny," he asked and I told him, it's time to get back to his school work, but no Granny isn't scared as much as she worries that people forget children worry a lot about things adults say and what is on television too.

It was mostly the weather Derrick worried about because we all have family in Kansas, Chicago and all over the country, one end to the other, where everything looks really bad..  The skies they looked gray in Cloutierville, with lightning, and winds and the rain they came down, so the little ones here they got scared.  There are ways we teach children about weather so they understand more than just listening to frightening things.

In an old woman's life, weather changes are part of what happens again and again; but for children they worry so Granny remembers how we need to be with those tykes.  They wake up in the night and get scared, then crawl into my bed.  So Granny is going to tuck my little grandchild,  Derrick, in his bed with his teddy and tell him sweet dreams, not to worry, cause Granny is here.  His cousins will soon be all right.

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