Saturday, February 12, 2011

Glenn Beck needs history lessons and a switch on his behind

He failed his history lessons here.  He fails them even now.  So I told Glenn Beck, "You listen, child, you don't fool people here, cause we learned long ago in Cloutierville you got nothin' between those ears when you talkin' bout those people so happy now in Egypt."
Glenn Beck don't know his history - wikimedia commons

Now Granny don't like to talk bad about her grandchildren, but sometimes they just so riled up and silly when they's mad or when they don't know nothin' and want to be important.  So I just laugh at little Beck, except when I think bout those folks around who don't know him like we do.  Tellin' folks those babies in Egypt don't got the right to say they want their government free and that they is Communists and fundamentalists.  Well, that's the real bad thing bout that Beck, when that boy  don't read history good.  And that swearin'?  I don't bring my children up to talk like that, no way.

I told that child, "I warned you, son.  You got to learn to read.  What's more I think you need to learn to think as well.  Cause all those people you think you foolin', well some of them think better than you.  The rest of them, the rest of us will help figure you out.  You better go back to school, but you also better watch those britches, cause Elmer says he has an itch for a switch on that behind, down in the woodshed where Granny thinks you might want to sit with Hosni Mubarak when he gets here too.  The both of you have earned the whuppin' Elmer's gonna give.

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