Saturday, February 12, 2011

A different kind of God

I am going out in the morning to talk and walk about with a different kind of God.  That different kind may be yours, or maybe He is not.  You’re welcome to come with me and find out who He is
Hand of God - wikimedia commons
You see my God loves you and me and everyone He sees.  He hears the voice of anyone.  He hears the birds that sing.  He loves the ones who don’t love Him and loves them just like you.

The God I see today, I see in dreams as well.   I see Him everywhere in living every day.  I see Him in the faces of His children, as they walk around this earth.  I see Him in the things that grow, that live and die in moments much too fast.  He takes my hand and strolls the paths with everyone, just as He does with me.  He never judges how I walk and won’t allow me either to judge you.

The baseball team I cheer about; the football team I praise, I think my God enjoys those games and happily as well.  But I think he cheers those other teams just as much as those He cheers with me.

The God I love is watching people happy far away.  He trusts them as He trusts those who live in my neighborhood.  In fact, I think He thinks of us as all that neighborhood that’s His.  He told me I was brother, sister, father, mother, husband, wife, child, or kin some way to many, many people, some I may never, ever know, that I may never see.  But they are part of me today, as they are part of you.

The flag unfurls somewhere, some place.  The people smile and sing.  God looks upon each heart and says, “Don’t let that flag replace God’s place.”  He whispers in my ear; and if you listen closely, you will hear Him as I do, “Loving country, that is fine.  But loving me is Truth.”

I watched the sun come up today.  I thought of all of you.  Perhaps you will not come with me to feel that different kind of God.  You may not even think there is a God that’s there for you, but that different kind of God I love just smiles and says, “I’m there beside all creatures great and small and will be there wherever you are too.”

That different kind of God makes Sunday special, but He makes every day so it is special too.  The times He spends in quiet times with us,  He doesn’t want to hear the worst from you about the folks you know.  Nor does He want to hear the worst from me.  He says instead, just walk and see the best instead.  

We struggle.  Experts say our nature makes us who we are, but somewhere with that different kind of God that many people know and love, that nature is what binds us all the same.  For nature is the gift of God that takes the science of the earth and weaves it into mysteries that you and I can find.

I’m leaving now.  You can stay home, or walk with me today.  For on that path of love and light, the majesty is there, the smiles of happy people, the joys of everyone, the trust in one another is on this path of light.  

A different God who speaks to every faith, to every heart, who moves and lives and breathes perhaps is not what some folk think about or even can believe.  But that’s no matter, you can come; He doesn’t mind, because you’re the kind of company He wants, no matter how you look or feel or what you think about.

He is a different kind of God, but maybe not, for different as He is to me, He’s different still for you.

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