Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cupcakes and children's wisdom for world problems

"They are throwing rocks at us, Granny.  Should we run or throw some of them back?"  Molly and Gordon are breathless, not knowing just what to do.
If cupcakes could solve the world problems - wikimedia commons

"How did it start?" came the question, but the children they just got confused and started talking at once, so no one could understand much.

"Those kids from Alexandria are just mean.  They came here after school yesterday and said their town was better than ours.  Then they stuck out their fingers and said 'try me' and so we started fighting back."

"With words," this old Granny, asked but knew that's how these bad things happen with children, with adults and all over the world.  Sometimes the problem is water, and no one pays much attention, even when it can be more important than anything else.  Instead people fight over words.

So the answer is always so hard for Granny's babies, right now and when they grow up.

"It isn't who starts the fight as much as where it is going and finding the best place to stop it.  It means children, adults who are willing to listen and find some way to solve problems that won't hurt people who tomorrow will be friends again.  Knowing how is like finding your steps, where you went, so you don't make those mistakes again."

Molly put down her rock and sat down.  "I'm not going out there right now," she said.  "I'm going to find some of your cupcakes and put them out on the porch with a note that says to take all you want, cause there's more sugar  in the world to make more."

It's simple, my sweet Molly's wisdom.  How many today wish cupcakes could solve the world's problems in simple ways like Molly explains, and people could just sit and eat on this porch in Cloutierville where everyone knows there's a spoonful of sugar and a happy song somewhere to make everything feel just right.

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