Friday, February 11, 2011

As Egypt celebrates, woodshed waits for Hosni Mubarak

"Do you still love me, Granny?" he asked, and he sounded real sad at the time.  I was watchin' on television all those people in Egypt so happy, when he called.
Woodshed waiting for Mubarak - wikimedia commons

But Granny loves all of her children, no matter how hard that may be, especially when they been bad like Mubarak.  So this is what I told him today.

"Sure Granny loves you, but she sure don't like what you done.  And because you don't say how you're sorry, the woodshed is waitin' right here in Cloutierville, if you get shipped out of the country; and you'll wish you hadn't caused all that trouble.  You hear?

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