Saturday, January 22, 2011

The world's beauty found in the face of a single man

Devin Trahan - the new face of America and one of Granny's most beautiful grandchildren
He's the face of the new world, someone told me.  Half Cajun, half Japanese and living in Hawaii, like a garden of many hues, Granny wasn't surprised because that's how beauty works these days.

Granny got home to Cloutierville on Saturday, to let the family know why there weren't cupcakes for awhile but lots of good, warm thoughts for everyone while she was gone.

Devin is now the color and kind of face we see more and more, as the man upstairs likes mixing his cupcakes and making them sweeter with each new batch.

He's Granny's gift for everyone to see and celebrate and learn once more how beautiful the world is now with folks like Devin in it.

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