Thursday, January 27, 2011

Michele Bachmann needs to wash off that manure

"Get in here!  You're all covered with it.  You were good at shoveling manure when you worked in the pastures by the levees, but it looks like you can't keep it from sticking to your clothes, Michele."

That Bachmann child was always one I had to keep an eye on, but she skeedaddled to Minnesota with her folks; and after that she just kept shoveling manure, even though she went to law school.  All that education, and that's all she can do is what she was doin' back yonder in the fields as a kid.

Now here she is just walking down the street in Cloutierville braggin' to folks, like she done something smart after President Barry's talk the other night, makin' her speech and all.  But I told her, "You'd better get the hose out front and wash yourself off cause those alligators can smell you comin' even before someone catches you and puts you in the woodshed.

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