Monday, January 3, 2011

Keeping promises is the measure for us all

"Elmer, where are you going in the middle of the night?  It's 2:30, and you ain't had much sleep," and when he told me where he was going and why, I knew since that's the measure of the man.
Pinocchio - didn't tell the truth--just like us when we don't keep promises - wikimedia commons

Elmer told me he was picking up Danny in Alexandria, bout half an hour from Cloutierville.  Our grandson Danny's plane was late, and he's comin' home to take care of his Aunt Margret who's gettin' on in years.  Elmer he sure needed his rest, and it's hard to drive these days; but that man of mine he knows we never forget to do what's promised, even though it might be hard.

Mabel, my next door neighbor, says it's hard to trust these days; and she'd rather do her work alone cause that's the way she knows it will get done.  She said so many friends from down the road said they would come and help, but never did, so she's just givin' up.  But here in Cloutierville, that's not our way.  We promise something, and we keep our word.  We keep those promises to ourselves as well..

I told Mabel like I'm sayin' now, cause she and me we talk bout those things, "Promises are like one's truth and keepin' them tells what we value most.  We tell someone we do, then don't, we lyin' to them and lyin' to ourselves.  It's like those politicians do when they promise they will care for us and don't.  Then the problems just get bigger until nothing gets fixed, and trustin them is somethin' we can't do."

 Elmer's down the road right now, and I'll be by this phone in case he calls and stay awake until he's home and safe.  That's doin' what I promised him and what I hope the rest of you will do in keepin' your word as well to folks you know, cause that's the most important measure of who you are to them and to yourself as well.

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