Monday, January 24, 2011

Home sweet home and what aloha really means

 Granny felt at home in Hawaii, and my Elmer he did too.  We are at home right here in Cloutierville, and we both know what aloha and what home can really mean, and it means all of you.  
Hawaii's people are many hues and love and live in home sweet home
For home is where we are right now and where we were as well, and tomorrow we could love again in another place, since no one knows for sure where feet may wander, if only in one's dreams.

Beautiful Hawaii.  Oh yes, it felt like home.  The island people are as fine as they can be.  Elmer and me we remember our children there as everywhere they go and love them like the ones in Cloutierville, for they embraced us just like family, as we are to all we love.
A long time ago Granny learned where home may really be.  It isn't a place, a building or a special spot at all.  It really is the people and where our hearts can sing.

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