Friday, January 14, 2011

Hawaii welcomes Granny

We could see Hawaii from the airplane, just like we dreamed and got off the plane before anybody else cause we weren't like those other folks who want to see Obama's birth certificate.

Some of these folks asked about Obama's birth certificate and Hawaii wouldn't let them off the plane until they admitted they were wrong
There was this form we had to fill out.  They wanted us to tell them whether we were bringing our cats and dogs or birds with us from Cloutierville, how long we were going to stay and why we were going to Hawaii.
Then there was this little place where they asked, "Do you believe the President of the United States, Barack Obama, was born in Hawaii?" and of course we answered yes, cause after all Barry's mama, bein' one of my babies, sent all those Hawaii pictures and postcards from Kapiolani Hospital.  But a few of the folks on the plane--I think they were from Texas where the people aren't as smart as they are in Cloutierville--wrote "no" on that form and were yelling, "Let's see that birth certificate," cause they wrote on the form that's why they were going to Hawaii in the first place.

That's how we learned if you want to visit Hawaii you better come for the right reasons, to have fun, to swim and to enjoy the aloha spirit, cause these folks mean business, and don't like dumb people and won't let you off the plane if you don't believe Obama was born here.

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