Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hawaii Aloha is the water, not the sand of love

 "You look so young," they told Elmer and me, and maybe that's because they see the friendship that makes love strong, that keeps folks young and that keeps life brand new each day.
Water of life for all creatures in Hawaii

Like love, eternal friendship keeps the heart that looks ahead, not back, as many of our grandbabies in Hawaii do.  For Elmer and me the friendship is the base of love and romance, that folks who find it know they can be anywhere, live anywhere and be strong.

For love is not the sand but water of friendship and of love.  It bathes the spirit.  It refreshes and glorifies the body too and brings new life each day.

Elmer and me we leave today the land of aloha and love to return to Cloutierville, but that land and love we keep inside forever for that's what never leaves.  May every loved one that we know, and every heart that hears, have the echoes of this love that comes to the lucky and the searchers that keeps us eternally young.

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