Saturday, January 29, 2011

Granny tells Hosni Mubarak of Egypt he ain't getting pyramids or cupcakes

سني ، الذي كان زعيم لمدة 30 عاما في مصر ، وأنت متأكد من القيام به في فوضى. الابن ، وحان الوقت لترك منذ لك هو الحصول على ما يصل هناك منذ سنوات. إذا باري ليس تيلين 'لك ، الجدة سوف بالتأكيد.  Now you and me we do Arabic, but let me tell the family too, "I want you to give up your job leading Egypt, Hosni, cause you're too old and haven't helped much, and you're gettin' those folks too upset."
Hosni Mubarak, shown here in 2003, President of Egypt now in civil unrest - wikimedia commons

"No, you're gonna have to pay attention.  You know enough of what I'm sayin', and the whole world needs to understand, so let's talk the way other people know too since this involves the whole family now.

"It's my business, Granny."  That Hosni ain't listenin'.  "I'm all grown up and can do what I want.  I don't have to listen to you."

"That's the problem, "I told him on the phone this mornin'  Little Mr. Mubarak don't listen to nobody, but this time he'd better cause there's trouble ahead.

"Look, here, you give that job up and get here to Cloutierville and we'll get a big mound of dirt in the backyard where you can be buried real proper cause it looks like they won't give you a pyramid there, not at all, cause they ain't doin' that stuff anymore.  They'll just string you up maybe like happened to Saddam.  Remember your neighbor, son?  So catch the next plane and get here for dinner, and we'll talk about what to do next.  But your talkin' back to me means no more cupcakes."

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