Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Granny hopes the man upstairs doesn’t make the call

“He needs an operation,” the doctor didn’t talk long, but what he said was something no one likes to hear. “And he will need your help,” is something women just assume, indeed, for in some ways it makes us who we are.  Love is something that can raise us up to where we need to be.

Granny, what areyou going to do?” Jennifer asked, her eyes all wet and worried.  “Everything,” is what I said, for everything is what a granny does, a mother does, a wife does too.  It’s what makes us strong.  Jennifer, a young grandchild, loves Grandpa Elmer so and wonders why these things are part of life.

Elmer needs an operation.  My Elmer, big and always there for family, friends, and always there for me.  I worry, but my Jenny need not hear.

For love is part of that vow we take when marriage first begins.  It’s sickness or in health we hear, and some folks turn away.  They leave when times are tough; and if they do, they leave their very souls behind, when whispered voices say,  “I need you. Stay.”

The man upstairs just called a friend, and Granny knows that call is anytime for anyone when they are old and needed somewhere else.  She only hopes that Elmer isn’t called right now when Granny needs him most right here in Cloutierville.

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  1. Just wondering why God would call anyone? That would imply that he was a mean God.