Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Granny Goes to Hawaii

"Elmer, I can't believe I'm going to Hawaii.  Granny---me---this old woman from Cloutierville.  Another honeymoon. "  But Elmer he is sleeping now.  I just can't wake him up.
a picture Granny drew years ago of a place of beauty far away that she might go--Hawaii

He promised me when we were young that we would go far away some place beautiful, where the ocean breezes blow with perfume in the air like they do here.  I drew a picture like I thought it just might be and I kept it in my room in a small and quiet place.  I share it now with you, my friends and family everywhere, wherever you may be.

For you see, the years they just kept goin' by, and Elmer and me we only stayed right here.  We raised our children, wept and sang with them, and some moved far away.  Sometimes we would drive to Alexandria, or Natchitoches or even Shreveport--that was a very big trip.  And a couple times we went to New Orleans.  But Elmer said--and it was true--that why do we need to go somewhere when we got everything so wonderful right here in Cloutierville.

But Granny always dreamed, just a little in her heart, in a place tucked where no one knew or spoke, that one day she'd see that pretty place she saw in storybooks.

Elmer said, "You're busy Granny with your grandbabies everywhere.  They will wonder when you're gone."  I said a week and a few days more, they'll wait.  I know they will.  For they know I will love them here in Cloutierville and even far away.  I'll write.  I'll call.  I'll even stop somewhere cause I got grandbabies even in Hawaii that I love.

So the night comes now; the day begins in hours.  We'll be leavin' for the plane.  My heart is beating fast.  I hope that I can fall asleep, like Elmer who's tucked under that warm blanket by my side.

Granny misses all of you right now.  It's hard to go but still the joy of bein' with Elmer where it's pretty like our town, where people love each other.  That's another place to be.  Hawaii, oh I wish you could be there with me as well.

But love will never stray too far away, when we are far away, as long as there's a world to share tomorrow and today.

I'll say hello to Barry, that the rest of you call Barack, if he is there.  He's Granny's baby too.

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  1. Granny, enjoy yourself! You deserve to have dreams come true!