Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Getting old is when worries take the place of dreams

Nick tells me, "Granny, I dream when I grow up I'll design you a house, but cousin Willy says that's silly because he says some little feller from Cloutierville shouldn't dream so far ahead,"  and I shakes my head cause Willy sure is wrong.
Forest dreaming - motherhood revisited - (image from Wikimedia Commons)
Nick likes to sit in his room and draw things all the time.  He doesn't play sports like other boys at school.  He tells his Granny he just dreams that one day he can help build great things and loves to draw what he thinks he can do.

"Willy says I ought to be practical and think about things that are real.  He said there are plenty of construction jobs that I could do and make big money too.  He says I'm just a dreamer.  Dreaming, he told me, doesn't get you anywhere cause that dreaming didn't get his daddy very far, so he said he sticks to thinking about what's real and not some far off thing."

Now Granny knows Willy's daddy and she remembers bout those dreams.   His papa Michael dreamed of leaving Cloutierville and playin' his guitar.  He'd practice singin' for hours, but he never left the town.  But Willy doesn't really know about his daddy's dreams. 

So I tells my Nick what dreams are for and what they do for you.  For some folks dreamin' is the way they plan to do someday and do.  For others it's a way of thinkin' all the different things they could do and don't cause they find joy in doin' somethin' else.  It's those that do not dream at all that makes a big mistake.  Dreams is like a mother bird in the forest that when the baby's born she can teach it then to fly."

"Dreamin' is what keeps a body young, " I tells my grandchild, cause Granny knows what all that means.  "It means knowin' that tomorrow comes and somethin' new is there.  Or you look at somethin' in some brand new way.  It lightens up your struggles when you do and gives you hope of more that lies ahead.  For every man has things that he can do, and every woman wishes on a star.  It's when we stop our dreamin' we get old, when we regret we didn't dream or follow who we are.

Dreams are ways you see what you can be.  You choose from them or dream another dream.  But dreams ain't silly business like your cousin Willy says, cause they is part of every life and like your flashlight can keep you from dark places so you never can get lost."

A smile comes on Nick's face, and Granny knows he understands, as he opens the door and walks into the light, just like his dreams will do for him and show the way ahead.

"Dream on," Granny whispers,  as she watches Nick walk his path like her grandbabies everywhere and says just let your dreams be there and keep all your hearts just singing as your Granny dreams for you.

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