Monday, January 10, 2011

Change means hear the light and sound and stay forever young

"I wish things wouldn't change.  I wish I could stay right here in Cloutierville and never have to worry."  I thought, he doesn't know that change is something good, that we can change and still be who we are inside and stay forever young even as we grow old.
Gizha complex shows the light and sound that changes just like life - wikimedia commons

"Gordie, I know it feels so good to be here on this couch, listenin' to the sounds of chirpin' birds and smellin' Granny's cookin'." He's half asleep now, half on my lap with his legs hung over the legs of the sofa, and I wonder how much he hears.

Everyone wonders about tomorrow, I know, even when you get old.  But tomorrow means there is another day and every day brings some new learning and the light that helps us grow.  We aren't dead weeds that crumble in the shade, then sink into the ground.  We are like birds that fly,  like trees that grow their leaves, like the sound and light that flows like magic so in our dreams we travel everywhere.  That sound and light isn't like the ears for hearin' but the feelin' that we take with us inside.

Gordie is sleeping now.  He doesn't hear my words but he can hear old Granny's prayers, for it is change we should not fear but lack of change instead.  For without it, we have nothing new to learn and nowhere else to go and no real life to look for and our memories stand still.

For Gordie Granny wants, just as she does for everyone, that change will come and with it bring the sunshine on each path that helps each man to grow.  But in that growing and in that change it's the youth we keep inside that helps us face the day.  So as the song says so wonderfully

"May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every one
And may you stay forever young. - Bob Dylan


  1. Won't be long now and we'll all be forever young.

  2. Gordie is a lucky boy to have Granny:)

  3. I love this song, but watching this time it made me weep tor my son who never got to grow up, stay forever young, forever 15 - for all the children who have died. Perhaps it will be a healing song for me. I have always seen Joan as a role model, from my days in high school, to now, with my graying hair.  Thank goodness we have her!