Saturday, January 29, 2011

Granny tells Hosni Mubarak of Egypt he ain't getting pyramids or cupcakes

سني ، الذي كان زعيم لمدة 30 عاما في مصر ، وأنت متأكد من القيام به في فوضى. الابن ، وحان الوقت لترك منذ لك هو الحصول على ما يصل هناك منذ سنوات. إذا باري ليس تيلين 'لك ، الجدة سوف بالتأكيد.  Now you and me we do Arabic, but let me tell the family too, "I want you to give up your job leading Egypt, Hosni, cause you're too old and haven't helped much, and you're gettin' those folks too upset."
Hosni Mubarak, shown here in 2003, President of Egypt now in civil unrest - wikimedia commons

"No, you're gonna have to pay attention.  You know enough of what I'm sayin', and the whole world needs to understand, so let's talk the way other people know too since this involves the whole family now.

"It's my business, Granny."  That Hosni ain't listenin'.  "I'm all grown up and can do what I want.  I don't have to listen to you."

"That's the problem, "I told him on the phone this mornin'  Little Mr. Mubarak don't listen to nobody, but this time he'd better cause there's trouble ahead.

"Look, here, you give that job up and get here to Cloutierville and we'll get a big mound of dirt in the backyard where you can be buried real proper cause it looks like they won't give you a pyramid there, not at all, cause they ain't doin' that stuff anymore.  They'll just string you up maybe like happened to Saddam.  Remember your neighbor, son?  So catch the next plane and get here for dinner, and we'll talk about what to do next.  But your talkin' back to me means no more cupcakes."

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Michele Bachmann needs to wash off that manure

"Get in here!  You're all covered with it.  You were good at shoveling manure when you worked in the pastures by the levees, but it looks like you can't keep it from sticking to your clothes, Michele."

That Bachmann child was always one I had to keep an eye on, but she skeedaddled to Minnesota with her folks; and after that she just kept shoveling manure, even though she went to law school.  All that education, and that's all she can do is what she was doin' back yonder in the fields as a kid.

Now here she is just walking down the street in Cloutierville braggin' to folks, like she done something smart after President Barry's talk the other night, makin' her speech and all.  But I told her, "You'd better get the hose out front and wash yourself off cause those alligators can smell you comin' even before someone catches you and puts you in the woodshed.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Granny hopes the man upstairs doesn’t make the call

“He needs an operation,” the doctor didn’t talk long, but what he said was something no one likes to hear. “And he will need your help,” is something women just assume, indeed, for in some ways it makes us who we are.  Love is something that can raise us up to where we need to be.

Granny, what areyou going to do?” Jennifer asked, her eyes all wet and worried.  “Everything,” is what I said, for everything is what a granny does, a mother does, a wife does too.  It’s what makes us strong.  Jennifer, a young grandchild, loves Grandpa Elmer so and wonders why these things are part of life.

Elmer needs an operation.  My Elmer, big and always there for family, friends, and always there for me.  I worry, but my Jenny need not hear.

For love is part of that vow we take when marriage first begins.  It’s sickness or in health we hear, and some folks turn away.  They leave when times are tough; and if they do, they leave their very souls behind, when whispered voices say,  “I need you. Stay.”

The man upstairs just called a friend, and Granny knows that call is anytime for anyone when they are old and needed somewhere else.  She only hopes that Elmer isn’t called right now when Granny needs him most right here in Cloutierville.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Home sweet home and what aloha really means

 Granny felt at home in Hawaii, and my Elmer he did too.  We are at home right here in Cloutierville, and we both know what aloha and what home can really mean, and it means all of you.  
Hawaii's people are many hues and love and live in home sweet home
For home is where we are right now and where we were as well, and tomorrow we could love again in another place, since no one knows for sure where feet may wander, if only in one's dreams.

Beautiful Hawaii.  Oh yes, it felt like home.  The island people are as fine as they can be.  Elmer and me we remember our children there as everywhere they go and love them like the ones in Cloutierville, for they embraced us just like family, as we are to all we love.
A long time ago Granny learned where home may really be.  It isn't a place, a building or a special spot at all.  It really is the people and where our hearts can sing.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The world's beauty found in the face of a single man

Devin Trahan - the new face of America and one of Granny's most beautiful grandchildren
He's the face of the new world, someone told me.  Half Cajun, half Japanese and living in Hawaii, like a garden of many hues, Granny wasn't surprised because that's how beauty works these days.

Granny got home to Cloutierville on Saturday, to let the family know why there weren't cupcakes for awhile but lots of good, warm thoughts for everyone while she was gone.

Devin is now the color and kind of face we see more and more, as the man upstairs likes mixing his cupcakes and making them sweeter with each new batch.

He's Granny's gift for everyone to see and celebrate and learn once more how beautiful the world is now with folks like Devin in it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hawaii Aloha is the water, not the sand of love

 "You look so young," they told Elmer and me, and maybe that's because they see the friendship that makes love strong, that keeps folks young and that keeps life brand new each day.
Water of life for all creatures in Hawaii

Like love, eternal friendship keeps the heart that looks ahead, not back, as many of our grandbabies in Hawaii do.  For Elmer and me the friendship is the base of love and romance, that folks who find it know they can be anywhere, live anywhere and be strong.

For love is not the sand but water of friendship and of love.  It bathes the spirit.  It refreshes and glorifies the body too and brings new life each day.

Elmer and me we leave today the land of aloha and love to return to Cloutierville, but that land and love we keep inside forever for that's what never leaves.  May every loved one that we know, and every heart that hears, have the echoes of this love that comes to the lucky and the searchers that keeps us eternally young.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hawaii don't know fish from poke

We were at this restaurant in Honolulu, looking at the menu, and Elmer says to me, "Look Granny, they have poke here, so may be you can exchange recipes, but it turns those folks got another idea about what poke is all about.

Poke is on back left  and part of plate lunch in Ward Warehouse
"That's poke?  Funny kind of poke," I figure, but these folks are trying hard to figure out poke salad, and I ain't givin' them the recipe it since what happens in Cloutierville stays in Cloutierville.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In Hawaii 80 is the new 18

I read somewhere that 50 is the new 30, and then one of my grandbabies who's 60 told me she feels like she's 40.  But I got them both beat, cause in Hawaii 80 is the new 18.

Wisdom of age and vigor of youth and you can fly at any age
 Cloutierville is the only place where people feel young like here in Hawaii.  But there's something bout an ocean to make a body good. 

There's also the best thing that goes with gettin' smart as you get older and feelin' young as well.

Now Elmer, when I tell him Granny feels like 18, he says he hopes he can keep up and catch me,  but he says he's real tired doin' it, especially at night when Granny feels really 18.  I tells him 85 is the new 42 1/2.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tees for Two: Hawaii politics embrace fashion change

Elmer said, "Granny, we need to look like we belong," since he remembers pictures of folks who go to Hawaii wearing shirts and dresses with pretty flowers and designs and men and their wives looking alike.  So we got the latest fashion and wonder how folks in Louisiana are going to like our style.
Matching Barack Obama tee shirts from ABC store in Waikiki

Just wish there was more room in my suitcase to make sure my grandbabies all over the world look as good as we do in our new duds.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hawaii aloha offers favorite food

Auntie Ala Wai and Bill Kuhio took Elmer and me to a fancy restaurant for one of Hawaii's favorite foods, that reminded us of our home sweet home in Cloutierville.

Granny remembers, just like old folks everywhere, remembers this delicious dish of spam.  We could cook it many ways, even in Cloutierville.  They tell us here that spam is a favorite food on almost every menu in Hawaii, and just like Cloutierville, the people here care enough to give their guests the very best in the restaurant they call Zippys.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hawaii welcomes Granny

We could see Hawaii from the airplane, just like we dreamed and got off the plane before anybody else cause we weren't like those other folks who want to see Obama's birth certificate.

Some of these folks asked about Obama's birth certificate and Hawaii wouldn't let them off the plane until they admitted they were wrong
There was this form we had to fill out.  They wanted us to tell them whether we were bringing our cats and dogs or birds with us from Cloutierville, how long we were going to stay and why we were going to Hawaii.
Then there was this little place where they asked, "Do you believe the President of the United States, Barack Obama, was born in Hawaii?" and of course we answered yes, cause after all Barry's mama, bein' one of my babies, sent all those Hawaii pictures and postcards from Kapiolani Hospital.  But a few of the folks on the plane--I think they were from Texas where the people aren't as smart as they are in Cloutierville--wrote "no" on that form and were yelling, "Let's see that birth certificate," cause they wrote on the form that's why they were going to Hawaii in the first place.

That's how we learned if you want to visit Hawaii you better come for the right reasons, to have fun, to swim and to enjoy the aloha spirit, cause these folks mean business, and don't like dumb people and won't let you off the plane if you don't believe Obama was born here.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Granny Goes to Hawaii

"Elmer, I can't believe I'm going to Hawaii.  Granny---me---this old woman from Cloutierville.  Another honeymoon. "  But Elmer he is sleeping now.  I just can't wake him up.
a picture Granny drew years ago of a place of beauty far away that she might go--Hawaii

He promised me when we were young that we would go far away some place beautiful, where the ocean breezes blow with perfume in the air like they do here.  I drew a picture like I thought it just might be and I kept it in my room in a small and quiet place.  I share it now with you, my friends and family everywhere, wherever you may be.

For you see, the years they just kept goin' by, and Elmer and me we only stayed right here.  We raised our children, wept and sang with them, and some moved far away.  Sometimes we would drive to Alexandria, or Natchitoches or even Shreveport--that was a very big trip.  And a couple times we went to New Orleans.  But Elmer said--and it was true--that why do we need to go somewhere when we got everything so wonderful right here in Cloutierville.

But Granny always dreamed, just a little in her heart, in a place tucked where no one knew or spoke, that one day she'd see that pretty place she saw in storybooks.

Elmer said, "You're busy Granny with your grandbabies everywhere.  They will wonder when you're gone."  I said a week and a few days more, they'll wait.  I know they will.  For they know I will love them here in Cloutierville and even far away.  I'll write.  I'll call.  I'll even stop somewhere cause I got grandbabies even in Hawaii that I love.

So the night comes now; the day begins in hours.  We'll be leavin' for the plane.  My heart is beating fast.  I hope that I can fall asleep, like Elmer who's tucked under that warm blanket by my side.

Granny misses all of you right now.  It's hard to go but still the joy of bein' with Elmer where it's pretty like our town, where people love each other.  That's another place to be.  Hawaii, oh I wish you could be there with me as well.

But love will never stray too far away, when we are far away, as long as there's a world to share tomorrow and today.

I'll say hello to Barry, that the rest of you call Barack, if he is there.  He's Granny's baby too.

Granny shares her greatest grief: The death of a child

"You're crying, Granny.  I don't see you cry very much, and I feel so sad when you do."  And I tell her these tears are for washing the soul so the eyes can see further ahead, so the memories and hurt cannot crush it.
Trip of the Soul - wikimedia commons

It was so long ago, but yesterday too, I explained to my little Charlene.  Bright as a new bird of spring is that child, how I wish that all life was that too.  But Granny has learned how death passes by, as a stranger and sometimes a friend.  Sometimes the cloak worn is so terribly dark one just cannot see.  When it's lifted the sun comes again.

An unnatural thing is a mother's great loss of a child.  Somewhere another mother knows about that hurt, a child that's killed in violence.  Oh my Lord, it is pain.    Granny remembers her son who died years ago, like a yesterday voice that lingers in echoes, then fades.  The old know how time moves too fast. 

It was on today, years ago, when it happened I thought I would never get past all that grief.  No mother can bury a child for the hurt is so deep there is nothing more painful than that.

Charlene, she is little.  She's only ten now, with her long curls that trail down her back.  How can Granny tell her bout those years long ago, when she asks how my son I had birthed as my first, her grandfather Joe that had died.

He was shot in the back of the head, and the angry and jealous man who killed him, left him there, bleeding to die.  I heard, but I couldn't hear then and still can't.  There are words a mother just cannot know.  It's too hard.

What is death to a child is not for an old woman in Cloutierville to share in the ways Granny's needing today. Instead there's a whisper that comes in the wind that I sense, lets me know he is here once again.   I can't touch, I can't feel, I can't hear his sweet voice, for the veil keeps my hands from his face.

But I know that the love we get for all time is part of what stays with me now, as the wind brings the memories fresh to my heart and the best for my comfort and grace.

And I turn to it now, as my Charlene sits close, with my arms holding tight, never wanting to cry anymore cause I know that this hurt will not last.  For I hold in my arms the seed that is growing, that love of my son, to show me again and again, every day---life goes on.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Change means hear the light and sound and stay forever young

"I wish things wouldn't change.  I wish I could stay right here in Cloutierville and never have to worry."  I thought, he doesn't know that change is something good, that we can change and still be who we are inside and stay forever young even as we grow old.
Gizha complex shows the light and sound that changes just like life - wikimedia commons

"Gordie, I know it feels so good to be here on this couch, listenin' to the sounds of chirpin' birds and smellin' Granny's cookin'." He's half asleep now, half on my lap with his legs hung over the legs of the sofa, and I wonder how much he hears.

Everyone wonders about tomorrow, I know, even when you get old.  But tomorrow means there is another day and every day brings some new learning and the light that helps us grow.  We aren't dead weeds that crumble in the shade, then sink into the ground.  We are like birds that fly,  like trees that grow their leaves, like the sound and light that flows like magic so in our dreams we travel everywhere.  That sound and light isn't like the ears for hearin' but the feelin' that we take with us inside.

Gordie is sleeping now.  He doesn't hear my words but he can hear old Granny's prayers, for it is change we should not fear but lack of change instead.  For without it, we have nothing new to learn and nowhere else to go and no real life to look for and our memories stand still.

For Gordie Granny wants, just as she does for everyone, that change will come and with it bring the sunshine on each path that helps each man to grow.  But in that growing and in that change it's the youth we keep inside that helps us face the day.  So as the song says so wonderfully

"May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every one
And may you stay forever young. - Bob Dylan

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hate travels far but so does Granny's love

Folks needs someone who will love them on this earth.  From here in Cloutierville,Granny loves you all, and although hate can travel far and fast, so can Granny's love, because life can also be, as someone said, a box of chocolates too.
box of chocolates
Imprint this on your heart so when you wonder why bad things happen to good people, you remember there are other grannies too, and many of them reside within your very soul.

Friday, January 7, 2011

It's more important to be a man of value than just a successful man

"I want to be a doctor when I grow up so I can be important and make lots of money and be successful, "but I told my grandson if that's the reason, that just ain't enough.
Christ in the center with his disciples was called teacher
Michael wants everything right now.  He said, "I want to get through school as fast as I can so I can get on with my life," then he rushes out the door to catch a ride to town.

My grandson has left for college, determined to be successful, and as rich as he can be.  But I worry, cause I told him there's things that are more important than just that.

So I wrote him this note and tucked it in his pocket and maybe when that child gets settled, he'll remember what old Granny says.

"My child, Granny wants you to be good and strong and make something of your life.  It's important to realize your dreams.  But more than that is be a man of value.  Success is more than money and people who think you're great.  In Granny's eyes, no matter what you do, you'll always be so wonderful to me."

Yesterday he called me sobbing on the telephone, "Oh Granny I just found your note all wrapped up in the pocket of my coat.  I failed my chemistry exam, and the professor said I may not be cut out to be a doctor after all.  But when I found your note, I knew what all that meant.  It said to me there are many things I can do after all.  I want to be the pride of Cloutierville, and mostly make you proud.  So I will be a teachersince I love children and like learning too.  I know I won't make as much money, but it is what I really want to do."

Be a man of value, Granny says, and be a woman of good values too.  For in that becoming there's a message that really tells you who are and who you're meant to be, as I know Michael has found his heart.  Another man of great value was a teacher, and if Michael follows His example he'll always know the way.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Granny's 2011 orders warn world leaders of the woodshed

To:  Barack Obama, Nicholas Sarkozy, Vladmir Putin, Kim II Sung,Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
From:  Your Granny, Pokesalad
Woodshed where leaders get scoldings or whippin's when they been bad
It's 2011 now fellers, and here's what Granny says you better do, and don't give me no back talk since you got a world to save.   I'm givin' you this first in your languages, but doin' the rest in English cause I don't want to have to say this more than once.

C'est des Nouveaux ans fellers et voici que la Mamie dit que vous faites mieux, écoutez ainsi en haut nous ne faisons pas plus d'impertinence non plus, quand vous avez reçu un monde pour sauver.  Je suis givin' vous cette annonce dans vos langues, mais vous faites mieux l'attention, puisque je suis doin' le reste dans la cause anglaise je ne veux pas devoir dire celui-ci plus de temps.

그것은 연말 연시를 친구들하고 여기에 할머니는 당신을 더 당신이 더 잘 들어 저장할 세계를 들어온 이후로 내게 어떤 말대꾸를 제공하지 않도록, 그렇게 말하는거야. 저장합니다.  내가 주지도예요 '귀하의 언어로이 발표,하지만 난 최선을 때죠 당신은 더 나은, 주목'난이 두 번 이상 말할 필요하고 싶지 않아 영어 원인에있는 나머지는.

Это - после лесорубов Новых годов, и вот - то, какая Бабуля говорит, что Вы лучше делаете, таким образом Вы лучше слушаете и не даете мне никакого дерзкого ответа, с тех пор как Вы заставили мир cэкономить. Я - givin' Вы это сначала на ваших языках, но Вы лучше обращаете внимание, так как я - doin' остальные в английской причине, я не хочу должны сказать это не раз.

نه بعد سنوات قاطعو جديد ، وهنا ما الجدة يقول لك ما هو أفضل ، لذلك كنت أفضل الاستماع ولا تعطيني أي حديث للوراء منذ حصلت على العالم ليخلص. ابن غيفين 'لكم هذا أول ألسنتكم ، ولكن عليك دفع أفضل اهتمام ، وأنا منذ تفعلين الباقي في قضية اللغة الإنجليزية وأنا لا أريد أن أقول لهذا أكثر من مرة.

Last year you fellers made mistakes.  I don't have to tell you again.  But Barry you gotta listen better and Nicholas you do the same.  Vladmir, you get downright mean sometimes, and that just will not do.  As for you, Kim, you better lighten up a lot cause threatenin' your brothers and sisters, well that's a real bad thing.

And Mahmoud, you know Granny's Farsi isn't very good and besides there are enough letters and words you folks know from Arabic, I'm sure you'll understand.  You lie, you threaten, and you think it's all a joke.  But Granny's watchin' you real close, and that woodshed isn't so far that I can't catch you and get you in it, unless my 'gator in my yard reaches out and grabs you first.

The message to all you fellers is simply this again, since every year it seems the whole thing just goes on and on.  If you don't do what Granny says, and mind your P's and Q's, we're in for real bad trouble.  Then there won't be a bayou near Cloutierville big enough for the likes of you, so we'll just carve one specially out and put you in the mud way deep down with the snakes where you belong if you don't mind your Granny.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

No such thing as a little murder in Cloutierville

Living - dead cupcakes in Cloutierville - wikimedia commons
"Did you eat that last cookie?" Granny asked, and she said no, she didn't; but when I found her lyin' she learned there's no such thing as a little murder in Cloutierville no more.

Maggie is only 7 years old, with those wide-eyed ways of hers.  She likes to fib a little, and Granny knows it too.  Now comes that cookie story, something she just has to learn.  Cause if you start with cookies, down the road you'll end with somethin' else more harmful than some crumbs.

"Them cookie crumbs are there," I pointed to them at the hidden places in that smile of hers.  "Now tell me the truth, young lady, Granny doesn't like you tellin' fibs again."

"I just had one," but that was all there was I reminded her, the cookie jar had nothin' left for brother who was comin' home from school."

"You killed that cookie," I explained, and Maggie said, "What!  I didn't kill a cookie and I didn't hurt a thing."

So I explained that cookie is stealin', and the man upstairs says killin's bad, but so is stealin' too.  I tells her, "If you can't kill, then you can't steal.  They both are real bad things.

There's no such thing as lyin' either, and to cover up what's bad.  Cause when you do you break the same rules that say you can't steal cookies and neither can you lie"

Maggie, her eyes just roll around, and she looks at me and says, "I promise, Granny I won't ever kill a cookie again," and then she waltzes out the door with those cookie crumbs still pasted on her teeth.  So when she brushes them tonight she might remember bout what those telltale bits of cookies mean to Granny and to everyone else in life she meets that want to love her too.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Getting old is when worries take the place of dreams

Nick tells me, "Granny, I dream when I grow up I'll design you a house, but cousin Willy says that's silly because he says some little feller from Cloutierville shouldn't dream so far ahead,"  and I shakes my head cause Willy sure is wrong.
Forest dreaming - motherhood revisited - (image from Wikimedia Commons)
Nick likes to sit in his room and draw things all the time.  He doesn't play sports like other boys at school.  He tells his Granny he just dreams that one day he can help build great things and loves to draw what he thinks he can do.

"Willy says I ought to be practical and think about things that are real.  He said there are plenty of construction jobs that I could do and make big money too.  He says I'm just a dreamer.  Dreaming, he told me, doesn't get you anywhere cause that dreaming didn't get his daddy very far, so he said he sticks to thinking about what's real and not some far off thing."

Now Granny knows Willy's daddy and she remembers bout those dreams.   His papa Michael dreamed of leaving Cloutierville and playin' his guitar.  He'd practice singin' for hours, but he never left the town.  But Willy doesn't really know about his daddy's dreams. 

So I tells my Nick what dreams are for and what they do for you.  For some folks dreamin' is the way they plan to do someday and do.  For others it's a way of thinkin' all the different things they could do and don't cause they find joy in doin' somethin' else.  It's those that do not dream at all that makes a big mistake.  Dreams is like a mother bird in the forest that when the baby's born she can teach it then to fly."

"Dreamin' is what keeps a body young, " I tells my grandchild, cause Granny knows what all that means.  "It means knowin' that tomorrow comes and somethin' new is there.  Or you look at somethin' in some brand new way.  It lightens up your struggles when you do and gives you hope of more that lies ahead.  For every man has things that he can do, and every woman wishes on a star.  It's when we stop our dreamin' we get old, when we regret we didn't dream or follow who we are.

Dreams are ways you see what you can be.  You choose from them or dream another dream.  But dreams ain't silly business like your cousin Willy says, cause they is part of every life and like your flashlight can keep you from dark places so you never can get lost."

A smile comes on Nick's face, and Granny knows he understands, as he opens the door and walks into the light, just like his dreams will do for him and show the way ahead.

"Dream on," Granny whispers,  as she watches Nick walk his path like her grandbabies everywhere and says just let your dreams be there and keep all your hearts just singing as your Granny dreams for you.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Keeping promises is the measure for us all

"Elmer, where are you going in the middle of the night?  It's 2:30, and you ain't had much sleep," and when he told me where he was going and why, I knew since that's the measure of the man.
Pinocchio - didn't tell the truth--just like us when we don't keep promises - wikimedia commons

Elmer told me he was picking up Danny in Alexandria, bout half an hour from Cloutierville.  Our grandson Danny's plane was late, and he's comin' home to take care of his Aunt Margret who's gettin' on in years.  Elmer he sure needed his rest, and it's hard to drive these days; but that man of mine he knows we never forget to do what's promised, even though it might be hard.

Mabel, my next door neighbor, says it's hard to trust these days; and she'd rather do her work alone cause that's the way she knows it will get done.  She said so many friends from down the road said they would come and help, but never did, so she's just givin' up.  But here in Cloutierville, that's not our way.  We promise something, and we keep our word.  We keep those promises to ourselves as well..

I told Mabel like I'm sayin' now, cause she and me we talk bout those things, "Promises are like one's truth and keepin' them tells what we value most.  We tell someone we do, then don't, we lyin' to them and lyin' to ourselves.  It's like those politicians do when they promise they will care for us and don't.  Then the problems just get bigger until nothing gets fixed, and trustin them is somethin' we can't do."

 Elmer's down the road right now, and I'll be by this phone in case he calls and stay awake until he's home and safe.  That's doin' what I promised him and what I hope the rest of you will do in keepin' your word as well to folks you know, cause that's the most important measure of who you are to them and to yourself as well.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Everyone needs bread and fish for the long journey

He wept.  I listened as he told me of his friend, and then I told him fix the bread and fish from Granny's kitchen and prepare it for the long journey.
Mosaic in the Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves und the Fishes at Tabgha near the Sea of Galilee (Yam Kinneret), Israel. According to the pious legend, in this place Jesus fed 5000 pilgrims with five loaves of bread and two fish (Matthew 14,13).

Brad thinks he's tough and all growed up, but Granny knows his heart.  He said, "My friend is only 28 years old and dying of cancer.  He's been my fishing friend, and things won't be the same when he is gone.  I don't feel like seeing him as he's dying because that will make me sad.  I want to remember him just the way he was."

I tells that grandson that I love so much, his tender heart is hurtin' and if I could take the pain away, I would.   "It's hard when friends are dyin' and you don't know what to do.  That's what the bread and fish are for in Granny's kitchen.  You need to take it to your friend today and every day until the young man dies."

"Bread and fish? Now what's that for," Brad didn't understand what it takes years to know, like Granny who has watched the young and old come in the world and leave, while folks that stay behind feel sad and don't know what to do.

"That's life, the bread and fish.  A man can feed a bunch of people with just that bit of food.  But that just keeps the body for a day.    There's more, much more that you must do than that.  For it's your life to live with goodness and with honor from today, a life to live with fullness and with faith.   That's what it means, the bread and fish, the gift of life you give.  You take it to your friend and then you see with brand new eyes and embrace with loving heart. "

Brad looks out through the window, and Granny watches tears just pourin down his face, as he's thinkin' bout what Granny says, and then he tells me, "I'm going in that kitchen to get some bread and fish and do that every single day for my good friend and for myself as well." 

Granny knows that Brad now understands to live life well is bread and fish for everyone he loves, and as he puts it in his bag to leave I know he has prepared himself for his own journey home.