Sunday, December 5, 2010

Things get done when Granny and Nancy pick up the trash in Cloutierville

"We gotta stop there and pick up that trash."  So we stood on the side of the road and put some papers and cans in a big sack, my 12-year-old granddaughter Nancy and me, as she asked, "Granny you didn't throw it, so why pick it up" I tells her cooperation, that's how things should get done in life and politics.
No trash on this road in Cloutierville like there is other places where people don't cooperate
 "Oh, my dear Nancy, the work ain't so hard for us in Cloutierville, and we sees this trash needs pickin' up.  But some folks they don't see and others just wait for someone else to do something so the rubbish sits there and waits." I tells her, but she's shakin' her head and says, "But we got better things we should do."

Now I hears that excuse all the time, I tells Nancy, I got better things I should do.  I explains to her, "When that is the reason we don't clean up a mess, then problems they grow on and on.   As one feller said once you gotta try to cooperate with other people, but you need to act to get things done.

"We do what we can when we sees it and don't worry bout anyone else.  We just keep doin' what we got to do, and soon other folks see and start helpin' and that's how things get done best.

Each of us sees somethin' different.  Each of us does what we can.   Some of us feed folks when they're hungry.  Some people help folks that is sick.  You and me we can pick up the trash' cause that's what's for us here to do."

Then Nancy she looks down the road just a bit and she says, all excited, "Look Granny, there's more over there" and I can't even run fast enough to catch that child who understood just what I said and can't wait to go do her share.

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