Monday, December 13, 2010

The story of the apples and what daddies mean to sons

"Billy, your sons is watchin', "I said, "and I worry bout what they will do, as I tells him the story of the apples and trees and how they show us bout raisin' our children.

Apples - image from wikimedia commons

 Billy he cheats on his taxes, goes to parties at night and lies to his wife all the time, and never has time for his kids.  He just keeps doin' what he says is right for himself, but he don't know what tomorrow will bring with those apples and how bad they turn out one day when they don't have the tendin' they need.

"Granny, I'm busy, I gotta go take care of business.  Thanks for the advice, but know what?  This is my time, and I live my life my way, not yours, so old-fashioned and all."  Billy says that and I hold the phone as his voice fades away, with my heart just breakin' bout those poor little apples and all.  They need that advice fathers can give their sons the best.

Joey and Peter are young 'uns right now, still close to their dear mother's arms.  But I knows that daddies stand tall for their babies. and that is what worries me most.  Cause these boys don't have somethin' to look up to and a daddy that gives them his love, and it will be hard in this world to know what to do  when there's no one to show them the way.

Now Billy, he lives in Wisconsin,  far away from Cloutierville.  But this Granny has eyes that can see far away and will help watch those boys from afar, because those apples that don't have a good tree, can be rotten when they fall off on the ground.  So folks have to pick them up right away and put them in baskets like mine.  That's what families and friends and people who love do for apples to keep them from bruisin' and for children who need us the most.  It is what we do until fathers really learn about how to treat apples and sons.

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