Thursday, December 2, 2010

President Obama checks in to stay with Granny for the Natchitoches Christmas Festival

"Who's in there, Elmer?  I hear someone in the house.  Go check."  I gets worried about some critter in here, but Elmer says, "No, honey, it's just our Barry puttin' his bags in the back bedroom with Michelle cause he couldn't get a room in Natchitoches for the Christmas festival."
Granny hopes President Obama gets a chance to ride in one of these - Photo, DF
Well, I hopes that boy gets some sleep since it's goin' to be a very important event, with Barry here and all.  At least us folks in Cloutierville, we're right proud of our boy.  We're proud cause he's all stirred up like some of us.  Even if some don't like his politics, we sure do think he's a right good lookin' feller, just like the folks in this town.

In Cloutierville, you see, we knows the meaning of Christmas and every day of the week, all the time.  We knows it cause we lives it every day.  We got every person like they was made from a color crayon box that God used to color us in.  Like some of us are African American, some of us French or English and such and some of  us Native American, and then most of us are mixes of that, like one color over another, each coming out original and prettier than anything else.

So Barry Obama should get that back room, the best in our house,  like we saves it each year, while we go to the big city of Natchitoches down the road, just to see what's goin' on there this weekend.  But you can figure the really best love among people goes on all year round here in Granny's old Cloutierville house.

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