Saturday, December 25, 2010

Message of Peace from the Heart of Cloutierville Where Everyone Belongs

Welcome to this home on Christmas where love resides and every soul belongs.
Where love resides and every soul belongs - PSG

It is this home in Cloutierville where Granny lives and where people need to be.  It is where families share and care above all else.  It is the place where all can learn and anyone can grow.  

The joy of sharing Christmas comes from this humble place to all the world, where the town always remembers those who live apart and those who moved away.  But every man in every land is part of Cloutierville right now because its simple ways are reminders of that humble beginning of a child born in a manger.

The streets rejoice with joy of Jesus birth and from this town extends to all the world a message of peace on earth and the love of others that comes from the warm embrace of the heart and soul of Cloutierville today.


  1. Let the spirit of Love gently fill your hearts and homes in Cloutierville and in this Loveliest of seasons may you find many reasons for happiness!
    Merry Christmas Granny!

  2. And to you and everyone, from Granny's heart as well.