Friday, December 17, 2010

Cloutierville has made me who I am

He’s back after drugs took him down a dark road years ago,  but Cloutierville brought him back to some good sense; and he wants you to know why.
the baby who grew up in a Cloutierville years ago and whose heart will always be there
I heard from that boy, and I knew some day he’d come back to here, cause I’ve been waitin’ like us old folks do when drugs take some of our children far away, they know they can come back to Granny’s town and heal.

“Granny, it was Cloutierville and you that brought me home,” he said.  And when I  saw him again, I ran and grabbed that feller, and he says, “It was those dreams, those memories, and the lonely days and nights of pain when I was takin those drugs, that I could finally escape because of love right here, in these simple ways I learned when growin up and I was just a boy.”

And  Granny looks through windows, thinkin’ bout her other sons and daughters far away.  Some might believe there’s no love for them, so this Granny hopes they might have somewhere in life a place like Cloutierville, that’s in the heart of every soul,  that’s waitin’ for lost folks everywhere, and maybe one of them right now is you.

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