Monday, December 20, 2010

Mandy and Jack from Cloutierville arrange their royal wedding with Prince William and Kate

Mandy and Jack have announced their plans for a formal wedding next spring in Clouterville, and the china is being designed.  Granny would appreciate any suggestions, by showing a picture of this royal couple, who like Prince William and his Kate Middleton are fine looking and deserve the best.
Mandy and Jack--the cutest couple in Cloutierville                           

Now like other grannies, this one loves cats and talks to them like they are people.  It turns out I'm not alone in doing this, as most people treat their animals in close, personal ways.  So in announcing the formal engagement and the wedding in the offing, it is reasonable that they have their own set of engraved dishes, so folks can have souvenirs.  I wrote to my sweet Kate Middleton to get her suggestions on this since their official wedding china has just been announced.

"Kate, you are so darn clever, being a business woman and all.  I heard today on the news that you and Prince William were directly involved in the the official designs for your china for the royal wedding.  I was hoping you could help us here a little.

And you know Jack and Mandy split up too for a little while, like you and Prince William did, until Jack purred for her so good and she came back to his arms, and now they is just as happy as you and William. 

That girl was so darn nice when Kate sent me this email, I can see why Prince William loves her so much.

"Granny, I am just so glad you wrote.  Prince William and I talked about Cloutierville for our wedding or reception, and decided we should have it all right here in the United Kingdom, since our families are here after all.  Besides people are so excited, and we want to make sure that they get to see us where we're going to be living the most.

The honeymoon, however, is still not planned; and William and I talked about Cloutierville, of course.  With you there, and all the good food and sights to be seen, we know it would just be great fun.  And the jazz down there would be great, if you could arrange for Aaron Neville and some of the folks we know best.

As for that china, I'd just put the picture of Mandy and Jack on the cups, because that shows them off really well.

And Granny, if you could spare some of those cupcakes you're making, I wonder if you could ship some of them over, since I've been missing them for the holiday season.  With all the parties we have been going to, we like to take food when we go.

Tell the family, William and I said hello and look forward to any who visit here next year for our royal wedding.  Perhaps Mandy and Jack can come too, as two royal weddings would really be fun, and those cats are sure royalty too.

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