Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Make something of yourself for the holidays

"What do you want for Christmas?" Lily asked.  "Make me something," I said.  "But Granny you got everything so everyone needs to know what." Lily told me, and we talk about what old people like and what others do too that can make every day special each year.
optician's shop with display - wikimedia commons

"Make me something that you like," I said.  "It comes from you, it's part of you, it's who you are to me.  Look on the shelf right there and see, those things Granny loves so much.  There's Willy's wooden truck he carved with wheels out of the old wood piled in the back of the house.  There's Shirley's handprint on a piece of clay she made for me at school.  And over there is a birdhouse, Billy made for me years ago, that is hanging there outside my window, so I can see it each day."

"Make me something yourself that you create because that's what most folks like best.  When you are gone somewhere far away, that's how I will always remember, not just Christmas but everything you are to me.  Everyone, young and old, values those things that are made or picked out just for them.  Because Granny loves everyone so there's nothing that she wouldn't love."

"Or just make something of yourself, for that is enough as well, for I will remember who you are today and be happy with all you become."

Lily nodded, she knew; and the next day I see a package under my  tree that says, "Dear Granny, this is that something you'll always remember and you'll think of me when making your cupcakes each week" and like some small child, Granny dreams, waiting for Christmas, but knowing Lily was in the shop out back in her yard where she keeps her ceramic supplies and that package feels just like a plate for those cupcakes I was wishing somebody would make.

This note at the bottom continued as well, where Lily wrote, "I'm leaving Cloutierville to go to school in Shreveport because I decided I'd like to make something of myself and become an optician so I can help others see life the way my Granny does and pass along the gifts of learning and loving that I get from you."

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