Friday, December 3, 2010

Louise took the wrong time to leave Cloutierville

" I got the dishes piled up in the sink, I'm running out of cat food and my clothes are a mess, since she left. "  Ted told Granny, and I'm thinkin'  Louise picked the wrong time to leave that poor feller, she did.
Ted's house with his truck outside and Louise gone - DF photo

Ted and Louise they been livin' together for years, and then suddenly she takes off, and there he is with the goldfish to take care of, three birds that are always trying to get those fish, a cat that looks hungry at those birds all the time, and a dog that runs after the cat.

It was a bad time to leave that poor boy.

Here in Cloutierville, it's really tough for Ted without Louise around.  With the single ladies lookin'  for some young feller on the loose, he can't decide which casserole to eat every night when they come.

Besides all the gals that are fussin', there are old ladies like me who dote too.  Ted's too busy visitin' and eatin' and sashayin' with women, he has no time to get his work done.

That Louise, she went to Lafayette, some folks say, to hook up with a Cajun feller and is there in the back swamps with him.  Some of us folks, knowin' what she done to Ted, are wonderin' if some gator won't catch her when she ain't lookin' and then she'll really be gone cause you don't mess with a Creole feller and expect the gaters don't care.

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