Thursday, December 30, 2010

Life is more than pretty shoes

I was watching her walkin' down the street, and the poor child almost tripped and fell down, in those pretty shoes, as this old Granny wonders about those feet tomorrow and how they're gonna feel, just like what we stand on makes a difference in our lives.
pretty shoes - wikimedia commons

"Granny, wanna see my new shoes?" and Laurie held her feet up so I could see the shiny shoes.  The heel on those shoes looked like the end of my paring knife, with one exception, with that bit of rubber on the end. 

"They're pretty, for sure, but how bout those feet of yours?  Don't they hurt when you get tired?"  I ask my Laurie, but she's still admirin' her shoes and movin' her legs from side to side so I can see them again.

"Sure they hurt, but I gotta be fashionable after all.  This is what's in these days.  Besides they make me look glamorous too, don't you think?"

Laurie she don't listen much cause she's just feelin' much too happy bout those shoes to pay attention.  But those feet they tell the story bout much more than what she wears today and I tell her what I think and how life's much more than pretty shoes. 

"Shoes are made for walkin' good, and if you can't do that in those type shoes, than soon you'll start feelin bad when your feet are gettin' hurt.  That's how it works with shoes and feet and everything you do.

Pick the things that last awhile, that always will look good, that make you look and feel your best no matter where you are.  That makes you feel all good inside, and the rest of you will too.  Cause how you treat your body, what you eat and what you wear, will make a difference when you gets older.  You hurt your body now, and one day it might hurt you back.

That's the way it works with everything.  When you treat yourself and others as good, the good comes back to you.  You treat your body with respect, and it will honor you.  Your feet are like the foundation of anything that happens in your life.  What you stand for, how you stand, and walk as well can bring a life that's just the fit for you."

My Laurie pouts a little, then looks up at me and says, "That whole speech because I showed you my pretty shoes today?  That's weird, Granny, but know what?  My Mama said you'd say that, cause she said the same thing too.  I want to stand up straight and strong like you, but just today just let me dream about my pretty shoes."

Granny knows those dreams are something wonderful for my Laurie and that grandchild of my heart will never forget there's more to life than pretty shoes.

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