Friday, December 10, 2010

Lesson from Cloutierville on how to have the best gumbo and the best world

"Granny, the newspaper wrote that if you add this new seasoning to gumbo it would taste better, and  and I don't believe it so I won't read that newspaper again" and Granny explains to Margaret how gumbo and learnin' can work.
The best gumbo in the world is in Cloutierville
 "I know you love Granny's gumbo, cause Granny has been cookin' for years.  But when I was a young girl, I met this old woman named Lena, and she taught me how to cook best.  She said she could always cook gumbo real good and  didn't need to learn anything else.  But one day in Lafayette, this lady invited her friends to a party, and the gumbo tasted so good, the people they just wanted more.

One day Lena invited her friends to her house for a big gumbo dinner, and she waited and nobody came.  Those folks had learned that Lena's gumbo was good, but the other lady's gumbo was better and that's where they now went for dinner.

So Lena told me that after that she started tastin' everybody's gumbo, wherever she went, and she took back to her kitchen all those good things she found.  Then she invited her friends back to dinner, and you know what?  Those folks they all came to Lena's house, cause that's where the best gumbo was.  That's how Lena learned to cook the best gumbo and that's how folks can learn anything, when they open their minds, like we do here in Cloutierville, to learn from everyone else, even when we may not agree at first.

Cause that's how to make the best gumbo and that's how to have the best world."

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