Thursday, December 16, 2010

How to turn blue days green again

"I'm so sad, and I don't know why," Alice said, "I've been moping around and can't seem to figure out what's going on, Granny, and I tells her how to turn blue into green once again.
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"Lots of people get sad on Christmas, for lots of reasons. "I tells her.  Sometimes it's missin' someone.  Sometimes it's because you think that Christmas you had as a child will come back like you remembered it.  Then there's wantin' more than you have cause you might think you don't have enough when you do."

Then Alice, she smiles just a little cause she's still worried about being sad and says, "Granny I try to feel happy and can't.  Those old traditions seem gone.  I didn't even get many Christmas cards this year and can't seem to write them myself."

"Old ways are good cause they're what we know best," I tells her.  "Lots of times I wish they'd come back.  We all have those feelins for sure.  But when they don't stay like we want them, we gotta make new ones instead.

Let's think of what we can do that is new, that is different this year and feel good about learning new things.  We can have Christmas at Granny's house in Cloutierville, like we always do, but instead of presents, we can all of us give gifts to the Boudreax family instead of each other since the daddy lost his job this year.

And I watch my Alice look up with a smile and I know she's feelin' better cause she says, "I'll find out what the Boudreaux family needs and lead the singin'' this year when we go to their house with their presents.  I feel better already just thinkin' bout what I can do."

Granny knows that talkin' bout feelings and makin' new ways to do things, if the old ways don't work anymore, can help make every day for us better by not always thinkin' just bout ourselves but thinkin' bout each other instead.

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