Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hillary Clinton gets haircut to see world leaders

"I just saw Hillary at the beauty shop in Bea's house, and she said she was just getting a cut and new hairstyle,  but she sure was glad to get out of the spotlight and back home here in Cloutierville, with all that fuss goin' on in Washington and all."
Bea's beauty parlor in Cloutierville

Becky was so excited, since she was pals with Hillary before Hillary married Bill and became a Clinton.  We always love seein' her here.  Becky saw her at the beauty shop and ran over here to let me know Hillary would be comin' here soon.

But that child, Lord I worries over her somethin' fierce these days, cause she got to go and make up with everyone after all of gossip got out..

Then I sees Hillary pull into my driveway and wave.  "Hi, Granny," that Hillary she never forgets who she is when she comes here.  "I was going to go to Natchitoches to get my hair done, but then I figured I'd just come on down the road to Bea's house so I could see you this time.  I figured since everybody wants to get their hair done in Natchitoches, after that movie "Steel Magnolias." I'd better go somewhere else where there wouldn't be a bunch of people hanging around asking me questions." 

Then Hillary, she winked and she says with a laugh like she does that makes Granny love her so much, "Besides I don't want a bouffant hairdo like those girls wear in Natchitoches that I saw in that movie when I can get the really best style in Cloutierville, since we all know where smart ladies go.

Hillary's such a good girl.  She remembers.  This is where that child learned to bake cookies she talked bout when she said she could do that and help run the government too.

"I'm makin' cupcakes, Hillary.  You want some, " I asked.  Hillary said, "Well, I'll take just a few, now that I'm here since I have to watch what I eat around Bill, because he's watchin' his waistline and all. Then I got to get going since I've got some apologies to do."

"Don't you worry, that pretty little head of yours no more,"  I told Hillary.  "I done took care of that already.  I figured when those fellers ran off with papers I had here on the kitchen table, they might have got some of those notebooks you were workin' on in the backroom, the last time you was here for a visit."

So then I told Hillary just what I did.  I says, "I had Flo get the prettiest paper from Walmart, and I sat down and wrote every one of those folks you been worried over and told them not only was Granny upset that someone had taken papers with gossip and my recipe off my kitchen table, but I think they might took some of your things as well.

And I just got a call from Vladimir before you drove up here, and he told me, he wouldn't be drawin' that curtain of iron down over his country again.  No sirree, he was real friendly after he got my note and says you're welcome to visit there soon, if you take Granny and some of the Cloutierville folks along with you the next time you goes, especially Bea since his wife, Mrs. Putin, wants a haircut like yours."

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