Monday, December 27, 2010

Granny tells Myrtle "just get over it" is really bad advice

"Granny, can I talk to you?  I just can't stop feeling sad, losing the house in the floods early this year, and my neighbors say I should just get over it" and I tells her how that's bad advice and why she is a hero.
Floods in Tennessee - wikimedia commons                     

Myrtle is Granny's friend in Tennessee, and she and Bud have been worryin' and feelin' bad since the floods their town had this year was a terrible thing.  Everyone was talkin' bout the oil spill, and nobody paid much attention to Myrtle and her friends, but it was hard, she said; and she lost most everything.

"Just get over it?  Myrtle you get all the time you need," I tells her.  There ain't no strict rules for when you're feelin' bad and everybody has a different way..    Buzz here in Cloutierville he was feelin' sad for years when his Martha died.  And he saw his doctor, and he got better soon; and now he's happy again and lookin' for a wife."

z"That's bad advice, just get over it, " I said to Myrtle, cause I hears it all the time. " It's like people judgin' other people and makin' them feel guilty when they feelin' sad when all they need is time to talk.  People thinkin' just get over it might think they is better and all, but everyone is different.  That's for sure.  I've lived a long time and sees some people need more time to feel sad than other people do."

Granny knows that Myrtle well cause that gal used to live in Cloutierville until she married Bud and moved away.  She's good and strong and always does her best, but sometimes when bad things happen to good people, it can get a body down.  She has all the love inside to be the hero she's always been.  Folks need to just let her talk and take her time to get over feelin' bad.

"Granny, can I talk to you," Myrtle asks again, but not so quiet as she did when she first called.  And I tells her, "Honey,  you take all the time you need."

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