Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Granny takes on the Internet cheater

"George, you know what I see, you writin' nasty letters to people in Cloutierville and even tellin' Molly you was gettin' another girlfriend and not sayin' it to Molly's face, " and all.  Maybe livin' in California you learned those dirty tricks, but folks in Cloutierville they don't like messin' with cheaters, and you are gonna get caught."
Swamp where the boys of Cloutierville will take George for hurtin' Molly
George was walkin' into his friend's house next door just whistlin' all friendly like he never did nothin', but when he was usin' this Granny's computer, he did some very bad things.  His mother, Bess and my friend, God rest her soul, would be angry with that boy since he done forgot Cloutierville ways.  He said he left his computer in California and needed to borrow Granny's just for some personal things.

"But Granny," he hollers at me loud so all the neighbors can hear, "You're getting old, and you don't understand.  That's the way things are these days.  You got to get with the program.  If you want to say something or do something, you can.  That's because we got freedoms to do what we want.  We can say what we want and who cares.  And know what?  It's anonymous on the Internet, and nobody knows it's me, so I won't ever be caught.  Besides I want my space and that's something Molly better accept."

"The man upstairs don't like that, and neither would your mama, hidin' your face to do bad, but someday folks will find you out, then you'll know just what hurtin' can be.  If our boys  in Cloutierville finds out that a feller done bad to one of our Creole gals, they take care of that feller right quick."

 George he don't listen and just walks away and don't pay no attention to what an old lady thinks cause he don't know what everyone here does bout that computer.

You see, all the folks in Cloutierville will know George has been cheatin' and what he's been sayin' bout them, cause lots of them use Granny's computer to find recipes and look things up that they need. George left all his mess on it, so people see for themselves what he's been doin',  and he won't need to hide his face anymore when Molly's brothers put George back there in the swamp where he belongs with all those other snakes.

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