Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Granny says don't get stuck in a moment

"I keep putting it off, Granny.  Don't know why I just can't get up the energy to get it done," and that's what means a person is stuck and Granny tells how to get out and avoid gettin' hurt and havin' nothin' down the road that means anything at all.
House in Arizona where a fellow attempted suicide - wikimedia commons

Gordie is one of my older grandchildren, livin' in Arizona,  with a mind of his own.  But he has to balance his checkbook because he is always getting overdrawn.   He doesn't keep a job and hasn't seen his kids in years.   "I have to sit down and do what I need to do, but then my mind wanders off, and I think about fishing or somethin' else that's fun and the next thing I know, I'm out the door.  I can't seem to get things done I need to do these days  What have I become?  I seem to want everything and don't feel like I have anything.  Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't even be around."

"Not everyone works the same way at the same things," I remind Gordie, "But we have to put things we value the most ahead of the things that are fun.  That doesn't mean the fun things aren't important.  It means that makin' sure your family has money and you have enough is an important thing.  It is a way of thanking yourself for the hard work you do.  Otherwise, you can lose money when you don't know how much is there.  You spend what you don't have, and that money adds up.  The bank makes you pay extra when you make a mistake, so it takes away all the good you did for yourself and keeps makin' trouble for you.  Then there's the hurt you get from doin' things just for pleasure and not thinkin' bout tomorrow."

Often the things we don't take care of has to do with the people we love that we hurt when we don't do what we supposed to," I tells him, but I sees he's thinkin' and understands what Granny says.

"It just is so hard," my Gordie argues with Granny, but I'm not hearin' that.  "Doin' what you need to do is one of life's great tests.  We got here cause the man upstairs wanted us to learn.  You learn the best from things you fail, the things you may not like.  Then when you do, reward yourself and do somethin' that's just fun.

The world gives back what you give in time.  Sometimes you wait.  That's the way life works for everyone, the great and small alike.  When you put somethin' off and don't get it done when you supposed to, you really are losin' what helps you down the road."

And my Gordie looks over at that fishin' pole and says, "Those fish can wait a little while cause they'll be there when I'm done doin' what I need to do.  Like the bayous of Louisiana, fishin' poles are here forever, but I won't be; and I want my children not to have to take care of me if I don't learn right now.  That way they can have time to fish someday and not have to work too hard doin' for me and themselves as well and not havin' time for fun."

Gordie is learnin' what old Granny knows here in Cloutierville after all these years of doin' for others, and thinkin' bout them,  and takin' care of things, even when they is hard.  And that's the good and the gold we find in the work we do for those we love and for ourselves that needs to get done that leads our children on the golden path and keeps them from gettin' hurt..

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