Saturday, December 4, 2010

Granny asks China not to take Cloutierville to pay the U.S. debt

" 温家宝首相は、これはおばあちゃんです。 Oh, that's right, that was Japanese, sorry, I'll speak Chinese.  國務院總理溫家寶,這是老太 You can?  Okay,Premier Wen Jiabao, this is Granny, and I'm asking you not to take Cloutierville to pay the U.S. debt"
Premier Wen Jiabao of China - wikimedia commons
"Now I heard on t.v. we owe you a lot of money, almost half of what we got.  I just want to make sure we keep Cloutierville in Louisiana.  I know you will want the best for yourself, and you were thinkin' first bout our town here; but I think we can make a good trade.

Let's say we give you Natchitoches, but after the Christmas festival, since us folks in Cloutierville make a little money from the extra visitors we get in these parts.

You can have Lafayette too, and you know those oil executives they is worth a lot of good money.

Of course, you want New Orleans because they've got that Mardi Gras parade every year and they're right near that oil business too.  But you gotta worry bout all that when all hell breaks loose with that weather done here, cause everyone worries bout that.

Baton Rouge?  Sure just take it.  It's just got politicians, and everyone knows they is worthless.

Cloutierville I think we should keep because, well its off the track just a bit and you don't need that bother right now.  I think we should keep the small towns and you take the big ones for now."

Sure that's an idea.  Yes, I'll tell them.  I'm lettin' them know you agree."

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